You’re Moving to Munich? How? Why? (aka FAQs)


Since Jer and I announced that we would be moving to Munich back in October, our friends and family have flooded us with a ton of questions. I figured the best way to start this blog was to answer as many of these questions as possible from the get go.

“Why are you moving abroad?”

We absolutely love Europe and to live there has been a dream of ours for a few years now. A few months ago Jerry applied for a job with a company and after interviewing him, they wanted to hire him (I know..who woulda thunk?)

“Why Munich?”

That’s where Jerry got the job. Could have been anywhere in Europe. Luckily we really love Munich and have been there more than any other city so we are already quite familiar with it and happy to make it our new home base. Plus, we love beer and sausage. Nuff said.


“So Jerry has a job, what are you going to do, Steph?”

I’ve been applying for jobs. Hopefully something will pan out. If not, I’ll look into starting my own company (running/pub tours anyone?) or become a beer wench.

“What about all your stuff? What are you taking with you?” 

We are either storing, selling, or donating. We’ve donated a ton of clothes and most of our kitchen stuff and the furniture we can’t part with or sell will be stored in my mom’s attic (thanks mom!!). We are pretty much taking suitcases of clothes and that’s it. We hope to rent a furnished apartment at the start and will take it from there.

“Are you taking the cat?”

Yes. It’s a pain but she’s part of our family. I’ll be regaling you with those tales at another time.

“But isn’t she fat?”

Yes. We’ve been putting her on the treadmill to help her lose some poundage so that she can fly in the cabin with me and not in the cargo hold. Gotta make weight!



“When will you move?”

Jerry moved out there on Dec 29 and I’ll be joining him in early February. We staggered it so that he could spend time getting things set up while I continue to work from the US. We want to make sure we have some form of income until Jerry’s first paycheck comes in (which won’t be til the end of Jan). Until then, there will be lots and lots of Skype.

“Do you know German?”

Ein bisschen. (A little). We have been brushing up on our language skills as of late and hope to take more classes when we get there. While most Germans speak English, we definitely plan on learning and becoming fluent. Or at least try to anyways!

“Where are you going to live? Do you have an apartment?”

Jerry will be staying in an Airbnb for the month of January. In that time, he will be searching for places to live. I’m not nervous about letting him pick the place. He knows what I like and I trust him. Besides, we’re looking into a short term lease so that we can be sure we like the area we choose and the apartment. I can live with anything for a few months.

“How long are you going for?”

Indefinitely. It could be a year. It could be several years. It could be forever. We are taking this one step at a time.

“Won’t you miss us?”

OF COURSE! Leaving friends and family is the hardest thing in the world. But sometimes, hard choices need to be made when you want to pursue your dreams.

“How did you come up with the blog title?”

I didn’t. My friend Matt did. Creativity was never my strong suit and he made me write this.

I think that’s the bulk of the questions! Let me know if I missed any! 

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