Ringing in 2015 with a Bump in the Road

Happy 2015 (to all two of you reading this blog)!

So far, our Munich move has been relatively smooth. Jerry made it to the city okay on Tuesday morning with all 200lbs of his luggage in tow (no really…I weighed it). His hotel is nice and central, which allows him to run around and get some things done like get the lay of the land, scope out the Dunkin Donut locations – ya know, the important stuff. He also didn’t spend New Year’s Eve alone and crying in his hotel room. Instead, he ventured out and ended up drinking with a bunch of old German dudes. So, it’s all been well and good.

Pretty much how I picture Jerry's evening
Pretty much how I picture Jerry’s evening

I’ve been actually a little in shock by how well it’s going. When I moved to LA many moons ago, there were several things that went wrong from the get-go. For example, two days before I flew out there, my new roommate (who I had never met and only ever talked on the phone with) called me to say he is being relocated the day after I move in. So basically, the one person I had actually connected with in a city where I knew absolutely zero people was leaving the day after I got there and on top of that, I’d have to find a new person to help pay rent right away. Good times. There were a multitude of other mishaps but I’ve been trying to block them from my memory.

This morning we had our first bump in the road. Jer got up super early to go to the foreigner’s office, only to find out they had closed the office today. Keep in mind he only flew out on the 29th so that he could go to the office on the 30th/31st. After his flight was already booked, they told him they were closing early on the 30th and closed entirely on the 31st but that they’d be open on the 2nd. Liars.

giphy (6)

Now he has to wait until Monday to go back and hope they aren’t closed then either (Jan 6 is a state holiday so it’s not out of the realm of possibility). I’m sure you’re thinking, really? That’s the bump in the road? What’s the big deal? Weirdos.

I agree that this delay is not the worst thing that can happen and it’s not like we’re in full on freak-out mode – but it really sets us back. Without this permit, Jerry can’t submit for a work permit, get a tax id, or open a bank account. One of the biggest issues is that it increases the likelihood of him not starting his new job until Feb 1 – which means a whole month without income or anything to do. It also means he wasted a whole week there when he could have still been at his previous job and spending the New Year with me (the most important thing obvs).

So we’re both a little frustrated at the moment. But I’m determined to try and stay positive. We just have to be patient…a skill we have yet to master.

Not my strong suit.

I love commiserating with others so if you have any nightmare moving stories, please share in the comments!

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