Not So Bumpy After All…

So…I was wrong. I’m willing to admit it. I definitely blogged way too soon about our potential setback with the foreigners office being closed on January 2 (see the previous post here).

We were both very frustrated that weekend for all the reasons I previously stated but turns out, we really had no need to be. Jerry showed up to the foreigners office last Monday, handed over all the required documentation, and left with his residence permit and Blue Card – aka the thing that lets him work in Germany legally.

Everything we have been told up to this point was that it would take weeks (WEEKS!) to get the Blue Card after the residence permit came through. But apparently “weeks” actually means “seconds” in German. The woman processing his stuff said that due to the fact they were busy and understaffed, they were just going to issue his Blue Card right then and there. Um… what??

Bowie gets it.

After leaving the office, he emails the HR lady at his new job and she’s like, “Yeah sure, just come in on Wednesday.” So he’s been working for about a week now, is going to get paid at the end of the month, likes his job, and everything just worked out perrrrrrrfectly. It just goes to show that if you rant blog about something, it’s bound to work out in the end. If your name is Jerry, that is.

Let’s be clear… I’m immensely happy that this all worked out the way it did. I just know that if it had been me, and not Jerry, it would’ve probably taken 8 years – actual years…not German years. Everything just always come so easy for this kid. It’s pretty annoying.

Me. Always.

Really…the only not so great things that have happened to him so far have been 1) breaking/cracking the toilet seat in his hotel the night before he left (no really) and 2) having to cook dinner with a ladle his first night at the Airbnb apartment.

In other “why is everything so purrrrrfect?” news… Jerry also landed us a place to live! He went and checked out three places last weekend and we ended up going with the first one he saw. It’s within our budget (good cuz mama bout to be unemployed), in the neighborhood we wanted (aka close to beer gardens – though where isn’t?), super adorable, and seems to have enough closet space to house all my running crap (the highest priority).

We are all set to move in on January 30. Well, he is anyway – I still haven’t booked my flight but hope to join him on Feb 7 or so. In the meantime, I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop – because that’s just how I operate – but really, so far everything has worked out better than we could have imagined. I can’t wait to get there in a few weeks and mess up all this awesome juju we have going on.

And because I love you so… here’s a sweet shot of the aforementioned cracked toilet… it’s glorious.


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