Willkommen in München!

The fat cat and I have officially made it to München!

I woke up about an hour ago after getting about 12 hours of some much needed sleep. Before you judge, I’m entirely positive that I’ve never been so tired in my life as I was these past few weeks. With all the final packing and my beloved “farewell tour,” I was averaging 5 hours or less of sleep each night and was using so much concealer, I have to believe Estee Lauder’s stock price skyrocketed during this time frame.

I was very attractive.

I may have been a walking zombie but it’s an embarrassment of riches that I have so many wonderful people in my life that I wanted to see before I left (and still so many I didn’t get to spend time with).

I didn’t get much sleep on the plane ride over here – mostly because I was stressed about the cat the entire time. Even though Icelandair was great and gave me reassurances on each leg of the trip that the cat was fine and on the plane (thank you Carla for that tip!), moms worry about their babies – it can’t be helped. Side note: for those of you with pets who are considering a move abroad – I’ll do a separate post this week about all the hoopla you have to go through – it’s honestly not terrible but it’s always fun poking at unnecessary bureaucracy.

But all in all everything ended up being okay. I was able to pick her up from the bulky baggage area (truer words have never been spoken) and easily found Jerry, in spite of not having any cell service. We hauled the two suitcases, the cat, and my backpack on the train, the subway, and through the snowy sidewalks to our apartment.

Just chillin on the U-bahn
Just chillin on the U-bahn

We are settling in and so far, I really love our new digs. We are located in the Schwabing neighborhood – an adorable area north of center city near the English Garden. For a little over 600sq feet, it doesn’t feel that small at all. I’m sure living in my parents’ basement for the past six months helped us acclimate to smaller spaces. Plus, Jerry’s Airbnb apartment was the size of a shoe-box so this feels like a mansion to him.

I’m still unpacking and getting things organized so until I get some decent pictures, feel free to check out the listing from the real estate office. Please note that McDonald’s is listed as a featured “food and drink” option nearby (*hint hint* Dad).

It still feels a little surreal to be here and not be on vacation. And it’s definitely strange to be a Monday morning and not go to work (have not heard one way or the other about the interview from the other week). But now that I’m retired, I will be posting more frequently. So buckle up buttercups…

giphy (8)

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