Observe and Report – Episode 1

Now that the first week of living here is officially complete (for me – Jerry’s been here for a million years), I thought I would do a series of general observations — about life here, about funny things I’ve seen, etc. As there will be several in this series, here is “Episode 1.”

Recycling is a part-time job: This is probably mentioned on every “Living in Germany” blog ever created but Germans are professional recyclers. We have three small trash cans under our sink for paper, plastic, and regular trash plus two extra bags for cans/metal and bio waste (food). SO MANY BAGS. So much work! Every night I play the game of, “Jerry, here’s a bunch of stuff – tell me which bag to put it in…” But it’s all for the environment so I get it. Way to do your part Deutschland.


Bakeries Everywhere: You can’t walk a few feet without being lured by the gentle smell of fresh carbs. France and Italy may have cornered the market on breads and pastries but Germany can seriously hold its own in this department. I have yet to try a bad croissant, baguette, roll, etc, and trust me, I’m doing the leg work.

Had to take a break from all that unemployment for a minute…

Light switches/doorbells: I have really endeared myself to our neighbors by confusing the light switch with the doorbell in the main hallway…at night…twice. Seriously, I can’t help they put the doorbell closest to the front door and made them identical. Great way to welcome myself to the neighborhood.

You can’t see the little bell icon when it’s pitch black in the foyer.

Schorle: I don’t really drink juice but I drink the crap out of some Schorle. It’s essentially a crisp, sparkling juice that comes in a wide variety of flavors (though I tend to favor Apfelschorle). You can buy it everywhere and it’s freaking amazing. I don’t know how I ever survived on this planet without it. All Apfelschorle all the time.

Get in ma belly.

The public transit puts DC’s transit to shame: Not only is the system here great and get you pretty much anywhere you need to go. But unlike DC’s Metro, you can eat, drink, and bring your dogs on the train. AND the trains are still super clean. It’s magic.

Tram: Speaking of public transit… I didn’t even know Munich had a tram system until I saw it on our street. We’ve always just taken the S-bahn (suburban rail) or the U-bahn (subway) but the tram is fantastic. It’s fast, easy, and you get to see so much more of the city. Plus it drops me right outside my house (don’t let the marathon running fool you, I’m lazy).


Send me 43 euros and I will totally rock this puppy

Fake crows: There are a few apartments in our complex that have fake crows perched on their balcony. I totally thought these were real until Jer told me they weren’t (I guess I just thought these people had balconies the birds really liked? I’m dumb). I’m still not entirely sure what these people are trying to ward off with these decoys… other birds? other crows? fat cats? No idea.

Seriously thought this was a real bird…it’s a good thing I’m pretty.

My stories: The one thing I will say I miss (aside from friends, family, and tacos) is being able to watch some of our TV shows. I attempt to watch TV in German in hopes that I’ll magically become fluent but sometimes, mama just wants to watch Scandal. I did watch Der Bachelor the other night and I’m happy to report that it’s just as terrible as the regular Bachelor — though maybe slightly better because I can’t understand anything they are saying.

Cereal with a hint of racism:

Please note this pic was taken at night — I do not drink wine with my cereal. I’m not an alcoholic. yet.

That’s all for today. Later this week, Jer is going to tell you all a little more about Fasching (aka Carnivale), which has been going on for the past few weeks. It involves a lot of doughnuts.

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  1. leeannen says:

    Crows predate on pigeons and doves, which some view as pests…not Bert though

    Exhibit A:

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