A Brief Word on Fasching

I was hoping Jer would be able to write a post about Fasching – aka Carnival – because it had been going on since we arrived in Munich. But the man works and I don’t so you’re stuck with me for now.

Fasching – as its called in Bavaria, Austria and a few other places in Germany – actually starts in November, but nothing really gets started until after the Epiphany (January 6th). Just like Carnival, its the season to indulge and let loose before Lent begins. In Munich, they have parades and weeks upon weeks of balls and parties leading up to Fasching Tuesday.

One of the more important aspects of the holiday is Krapfen. Krapfen is Bavarian for Berliner doughnuts and are quite popular during this season. They are a little more doughy than an American doughnut but they are delish so if you get a chance to try one, do. You can get them at pretty much every bakery in the city or you can work at Jerry’s office, where they bring them to you, by the truckload (only if you donate 5 euros – otherwise, they cut your tie or shoelaces).

The deliciousness just doesn't translate.
Better pony up.

Last week, on the morning of Fasching Tuesday (aka Fat Tuesday), I headed down to center city (Marienplatz) because I was told that it was a “must do” to watch the market ladies dance in traditional garb. What I didn’t realize was that most people take this day off work. So when I got down there at 10am, loads of people were already out and the area around the stage was insane. Seeing as I’m three feet tall, it was impossible to catch more than a mere glimpse every now and then. And unlike the children around me, nobody was offering to hoist me on their shoulders for a view. Rude.

I stood there for awhile but eventually gave up on trying to see anything and just walked around the market, which ended up being an even better time. Every shop had set up tables with beers, prosecco, or gluhwein and they were all grilling up some delicious bratwursts, knackwursts, weisswursts…basically all the wursts. Plus everyone (EVERYONE) was in costume. From what I could tell, you had to choose between one of three options: animal, hippy, or Ghostbuster.


If I had more friends or it had been slightly warmer, it’s entirely possible this would’ve been a different story because there’s nothing I enjoy more than delicious food, people in costume, and day drinking. But luckily for my liver, it was freeeeeeezing. So I grabbed a hot mug of gluhwein and a crepe and headed back home.

Jerry left work early that day and of course, by the time we got back down there, the crowd had grown exponentially. He will be the first one to quote me as saying “I don’t do lines, covers, or crowds,” but it was surprisingly not annoying. We made our way through the sea of people and met up with my new friend Nicola at Killian’s Irish Pub. We had met at the Friday Night Beer Garden event a few days prior (more on that in another post) and she’s the best. I call her my soul sister because we are the same person – except she’s German and nice.

This pic may finally force Jerry into getting a haircut.

The band playing in the pub was super fun and I wish I had a crazier story to tell but it was a school night for Mr. Jerbear so we only stayed for a little while. Being adults can be lame. But get ready, Munich…you have this to look forward to in 2016:


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