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Well friends, I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that due to the Lufthansa pilot strike, my flight to Rome this weekend was cancelled so I was not able to participate in the marathon and therefore will not be able to share with you a full race recap. I know. I’m breaking your heart right now.

The good news is, I finally had a few minutes to actually put a semi-coherent blog post together about some of our recent activities. It’s not much but at the very least, it’s something to read while you eat your breakfast or lunch. Hope you all have a terrific week!

Starkbierfest: For the past few weeks, the Starkbierfest has been going on in Munich so the other week, Jer and I decided to get gussied up in our traditional Bavarian tracht and check out the festival at the Löwenbräukeller. Starkbier is essentially a strong beer consumed in Germany during Lent. Apparently when the monks would have to fast, they would brew Starkbier to give them sustenance. So naturally, Munich has a festival to celebrate it. True to its name, it’s some seriously strong beer. We only had one and were definitely feeling it, which was probably a good thing because they were almost 10 euros a pop (insanity).


So that you can get a small sense of the atmosphere, I’ve included a short video below from when the band first started (literally two songs after this, everyone was out of their seats dancing). Come for a German version of the “And I would walk 500 miles…” song and stay for some sweet Jerry head bobbing. It’ll be the best 20 seconds of your day, I promise.

Bowling: Jerry and his co-workers had another team building activity this week. This time, they headed up to Olympia Bowling, which apparently hasn’t changed since the Olympics were here in 1972. Half the time, the system wouldn’t register that pins were knocked down and the other half, the system would say pins were knocked down when they weren’t. I guess it all evens itself out in the end? There’s really nothing else special to say about it because…it’s bowling… but I wanted to include it just in case you are planning a visit and were worried if you’d be able to get in your 10-pin fix – well the answer is, yes. You. Are. Welcome.


Bikes: Since we moved here, all we have heard is how we need to get bikes. And it’s the truth. Munich may not be Amsterdam but biking around town is huge here. So we finally bit the bullet and bought the cheapest ones Doctor Bike had to offer.  Baskets are at the ready and it’s time to start planning some barcycles! (biergartencycles just doesn’t have the same ring to it)


Barcelona: Last weekend, Jer and I finally ventured out of the city for the first time since moving here. A couple of weeks ago, our friends Ross and Miriam let us know they were going to be in Spain and wanted to know if we could meet up. Of course we said yes. A) Ross and Miriam are super fun and B) Spain. Sold.

I’m sure the sites in the city are fantastic but we are so cathedral-ed out at this point that we decided to focus on more important things on this trip… food, beverages, and friends. We immediately took care of the first two items on this list by getting tapas upon our arrival then following that up with the super yummy Barcelona Food Tour. If you don’t do food tours on vacations, you really should start. It’s pretty much mandatory for Jerry and I at this point. Be sure to pack some stretchy pants. You’ll need ’em.

We also learned that there is a craft beer scene a-brewin’ (literally) (I’m so witty) in Barcelona. Spanish wine is amazing (and cheap) but it was nice to take a small break from it. In this one area of town, you can hit up three great places all within a few blocks of each other: Brew Dog, Biercab, and the newest brewery in town, Garage Beer Co. We particularly enjoyed Garage Beer, so if you get the chance, be sure to stop by and try their IPA.

Aside from stuffing our faces, we had the best time catching up with our friends. There really is nothing better than breaking bread and having a ton of laughs with good people in an amazing city. Barcelona was a great intro to Spain (or Catalan or whatever this region would prefer to be called) and we can’t wait to go back and see the rest of the country.


Employment: Last but not least, I finally got a J-O-B! It’s with the same company I interviewed with in January but with a different team. I start on April 7 and while having my afternoons free has been a nice change of pace, I am so excited to actually have something to do aside from learn German and clean the house. Time to make that paper!

What more could you need in life?

That’s all she wrote for now folks. Until next time!

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  1. John says:

    We are living vicariously through you


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