Observe and Report – Episode 3

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Today is my last day of freedom before starting my new jobby job and apparently I want to spend it blogging. I looked at my phone this weekend and realized that I had a bunch of random stuff that I wanted to share so here we go!

Surfing in the Garden: Did you know that you can surf in the English Garden here? If you live or have ever been here, the answer is likely, “Duh.” But most people don’t believe me when I tell them it’s a thing so I felt the need to include video proof.

In one of the streams running through the garden, a water pumping mechanism creates this standing wave and every day – in all types of weather – you can see these guys get their surf on. I think it’s pretty cool.

Abundance of Muesli: You basically have two choices in the cereal aisle here: a few super sweet cereals that are in no way good for you OR muesli…rows and rows and rows of muesli. Never in my life have I seen so many types of muesli in one place.

Can I interest you in some muesli? Or how about some muesli?

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Non-Refrigerated Shelf: Speaking of interesting things in the grocery store – that is probably only interesting to Americans – the eggs are not refrigerated. I found an article that explains why (you can read at your leisure), but it essentially boils down to the fact that the EU doesn’t wash eggs, which preserves the natural barriers to salmonella, whereas the US does wash them, which removes this natural barrier thus creating a need for refrigeration. Anyway, moral of the story is, do not be weirded out by it. The eggs are super delicious and you won’t die from eating them off the shelf. Probably. Don’t quote me on it.


Respect the Rot Mann: If you come to visit, be careful to only cross the street when you are given a green man. It could be an early Sunday morning, with nobody on the road or in sight, and people will wait patiently for as long as they have to until given the green light. This strict adherence may have something to do with the signs that roughly translate to “The Children are Watching” but that’s just a guess.

Yes, I know the sign is red… do as I say, not as I do people.

BYOB: In grocery and convenience stores here, the cashiers do not bag your items. Here, you have to bring bring your own, purchase a bag, or throw what you can in your purse and carry the rest home…like I have done on a few (okay several) occasions. I am actually a huge fan of this mandatory “Bring Your Own Bag” policy, which means Jerry’s hippy ways are rubbing off on me. Ugh.

I should quit my day job and become a stealth photographer

Bureaucratic Snack Bars: I’ve mentioned in the past how it’s allowed to eat and drink on the trains, but did you know that it’s also okay to eat while waiting to get some sort of bureaucratic transaction done? Not only is it okay but they have mobile snack carts that they wheel to every waiting room just in case you need a snack while you wait. Seriously.

This waiting is making me thirsty.

Tall Boys: For a limited time, you can purchase beers with the faces of the FC Bayern Munchen football team imprinted on them. Jer brought all my favorite boys home to me. Best husband ever or the bestest?

Collect the whole sexy set.

Delicious Food: Some of our friends and famiIy have expressed concerns about eating the local cuisine when they come visit. Some people are not fans of sausages, bread, or beer and I still can’t fathom how I let these people into my life.

If you fall into this category, then fear not. Munich has some amazing, delicious places to eat beyond German cuisine. You can get gourmet burgers, authentic Italian pizza/pasta, a wide variety of Asian food, gelato…I’d continue but you get the idea and I’m already drooling.

The past few weekends, Jer and I have been on a mission to try as many places as possible while a) not gaining 1,000lbs b) not spending a ton of money and c) still fitting in our favorite meal: doner kebab. It’s a very delicate balance. Below is a sampling of what we’ve ingested so far.


Hungry yet? I am.

PS: If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me (or Jerry – who usually leaves the posting to me) as we continue this culinary tour of the city.

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