Short Trip to Sappy-Town

For most people, this day is usually one of somber remembrance and reverence about the events that happened in 2001. And it should be. However, personally, I prefer to recall the events of five years ago because on this day in 2010, two glorious things happened.

For starters, it was the day that James Madison University beat Virginia Tech 21 to 16 (GO DUKES!). Now, for those of you who are wondering why this is a big deal, you have to understand that in pretty much every match up between these two teams before and after this day, VA Tech destroyed my alma mater. De.stroyed. But not on this day, my friend. No no no. On this day in 2010, David triumphed over Goliath on Goliath’s home field in front of 65,000+ fans. At the time, Tech was only the second ever team ranked in the AP Poll to lose to a FCS opponent (aka the lower football league aka JMU). Boom.

Sadly VA Tech went on to be ACC Champions and JMU went on to suck it up for the rest of the season. But we had that one beautiful moment in the sun…and the pleasure of hearing sports commentators mention this loss at every single VT game thereafter that year.

I know…it brings a tear of happiness to my eye too.

And as if that wasn’t enough to make the day special, an hour or so after that game, a gem of a man officially took me as his wife. Highlights reel below if you are so inclined.

To say that Jerry puts up with a lot is an understatement. I am not an easy person to be with. I can be moody, demanding, and lord give you strength if I am even remotely hungry (I’m a real dream you guys). But in spite of these lovely aspects of my personality, he still loves me unconditionally.

It is such a cliche to say that he is my best friend but he really is. There is literally no other person on this planet that makes me laugh as hard as he does. And he is the only one I want to drink white wine and cry with while watching the Time Travelers Wife. He gets me, knows how to diffuse me, and is okay that I spend 97.4% of my life in yoga pants.

So thank you dear husband for the past five years. I know it hasn’t been perfect or easy but I can’t imagine a better person to be with on this adventure. Ich liebe dich.

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