Apologies in Advance

We are coming home this weekend for a week and in true Steph and Jerry fashion, we are going to try and fit in as much and as many people as possible. I am already very aware that we will fail to make everyone happy in this, so I just want to apologize in advance to the following:

1. To those of you we will see but only for a smidgen of time. We appreciate you rearranging your schedules to come see us and are really looking forward to seeing you, if only for a brief period.

2. To those of you we will see for a slightly larger smidgen of time (aka our parents). We know it’s been a year since we have seen you and the time we have with you next week will never be enough but I am glad to have that time at all.

3. And perhaps, most importantly, to those of you who will we not be able to see at all this trip. I cannot stress this enough but please know this is not a reflection of how we feel about you.


We have a lot of people to fit into a very short amount of time (#blessed) but the flip-side of that is someone is always going to feel slighted or hurt. And it’s incredibly unfortunate.

Schedules don’t always align, especially when you have to cover as much ground as we do. And I can assure you that it’s not our intention to make you feel like a lower priority.

If you find yourself frustrated with us, please take a moment and put yourselves in our shoes. You have been gone for almost a year and are coming home for 1 week. You have three families with 5+ hours of driving time between them to visit, a gagillion friends to see, taco seasoning and stick deodorant to buy, and a holiday thrown in the mix for good measure. Its a bit of a pickle, isn’t it?

So we are doing our best to fit in who we can where we can and if it doesn’t work out, I hope you know we love you and would like to see you. It just might have to be on the next go-round. And remember, Munich is always welcome to visitors who might want some extra time with us. We would be delighted and thrilled to have you!

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