Take a Hike

First, I really appreciate all the love and support from everyone after my last post. I am doing great post-pulmonary embolism. Aside from my new-found ability to get drunk off of only 1 glass of wine, I feel almost back to normal. I am no longer as tired as I was and I am officially allowed to do ‘sweaty sports’ again, according to the cardiologist. So all is mostly well and for that, I am grateful.

Before this whole ordeal happened, I had drafted a post about hiking around Munich. We had been going on a lot of hikes in preparation for our 4 day Inca Trail trek that was originally planned for early May (and subsequently cancelled) and it had quickly become our favorite weekend activity. So in honor of my return to sweaty sports, here are my top reasons why hiking around here is, for lack of a better term, amazeballs.

You don’t need a car: We don’t have a car here and lucky for us, Germany’s train infrastructure basically caters to hikers, bikers, and all the other -ikers. On an hourly basis, there are trains that will whisk you away from Munich’s main train station to various mountainy areas and most only take roughly sixty to ninety minutes. Back in the states, it would take the same amount of time just to go five miles down I-66 so this impresses me a great deal. It’s nice to just be able to sit back and relax as I await my next adventure.

My husband hates me.
Butterbrez’n for breakfast: Butterbrez’n is a common breakfast item here on a normal day but its a must-have for our hiking days. It’s basically a pretzel sliced in half with slabs of butter in the middle. I always feel like I may go into cardiac arrest after but they sure are yummy.

Savoring that sweet sweet flavor of a pending heart attack.
The views are stunning: Are the mountains in nearby Austria and Switzerland larger and more majestic? Yeah probably. But to get there from Munich, you need a car and time – two things I am in short supply of at the moment. So we settle for these easy-to-reach views instead… its such a cross to bear you guys.

COWS!: In the summertime, there are cows everywhere. This might not be a selling point for you but it sure is for me. All cows. All the time. Okay not really all the time – mostly just from June to September but you know what I mean.

2015-08-22 14.58.51.jpg
Have you ever seen a happier soul in your life? I assure that you have not.
So much variety: In most areas, there are a plethora of trails and ways to get to places. You can start off going one way and then in the middle of your trek decide to go somewhere else if you want. You can hike the trails around one lake or go from lake to lake if you are feeling sprightly. The possibilities are endless.

Pretty much the only thing I think of whenever I use the word plethora.
Pretty difficult to get lost: All of the trail paths are clearly marked with big yellow signs and they usually tell you how far you have left to your destination. Most of the time, you can leave the train station and immediately find signs pointing to nearby paths. Germany doesn’t make many things convenient (as we have already discussed in great detail), but in this area, they reign supreme. Minor disclaimer: it’s probably still a good idea to have some sort of map or compass. Just basic trekking common sense, etc…blah blah blah. 

Pick a trail, any trail.
Destination: Beer: You might be wondering, ‘how will I ever replace all those calories I will be burning by hiking?’ Well, I bring you good news my dearests. 99.99999999% of the time, there are alms/huts at the top or along the way, whose sole purpose is to fill hungry hiker bellies with beer and schnitzel. No need to pack a lunch and no need to toss a beer in your backpack that will just be warm by the time you get to the top. Tell me there is something better than that. Spoiler alert: there is nothing.

Any hike that doesn’t have beer at the top is not a hike I plan on doing any time soon.
Ready to take a hike yet?

BTW my legs aren’t discolored… that’s my sweet new compression sleeve. 

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  1. ediglo1 says:

    Steph, Granddad Chet likes to hear about your happy adventures and how you’re doing in life. He isn’t able to respond like others woul, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get many messages from him.

    We’re glad that you and Jerry are living your dreams while you can. Granddad never knew how, so it’s good that you’re sharing your thoughts and photos for all to see.

    We were concerned about your health but didn’t think it was a public issue. Just know that we took it seriously and prayed for your full recovery. Thanks be to God for His blessing and answering the prayers. We know we weren’t the only ones but wanted to seal the deal for sure.

    Lots of hugs and love to you both.

    Granddad Chet and Lee


  2. Matt Fulgham says:

    Awesome post! I’m ready to hike!

    Liked by 1 person

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