Super Quick Catch-Up

Family and friends back home, this post is for you. We have not had as much time to talk with you guys as much as we would like so I put together a highlights reel of our lives from the past few months.  I want to catch you up on the gist of things before we get home for Christmas. Time is always in short supply when we are in town and we would rather spend the time listening to whats been going on in your lives than rattling on about our nonsense.

Recent Travels: We have been keeping the cat sitter in steady employ. Here is the TL;DR version for the trips we recently took.

  • Amsterdam: Booked the trip to go see one of our favorite comedians but the ticket site is run by dumbdumbs and we did not have the tickets we thought we purchased. We went anyway and ate and drank our faces off.
  • Italy: Best friends from home came to Italy for their vacation. We crashed it. Had the time of our lives eating and drinking our faces off through Florence and the Cinque Terre.
  • Bozen/Bolzano: Went with friends to Südtirol (technically Italy but really Austria) for Törggelen (harvest centered around wine and chestnuts) where we…you guessed it… ate and drank our faces off.

Ox Races: One of my favorite weekend activities this year was attending the 2016 Ochsenrennen. It only comes around every four years and is really a sight to behold.  It’s like the Olympics, but with fewer athletes and more lederhosen.

Oktoberfest: I went three times in four days and it was a ridiculous amount of fun. However, if I ever say that I am going to do that again, you all have my permission to kick me in the face.

New Apartment: We have moved to a new apartment, officially saying Au Revoir to the shoebox we lived in for a year and saying Bonjour to a sweet 700 square foot mansion.

We honestly have no idea what to do with so much space. 

New Job: It’s a good thing we have a new apartment that we love because I am about to be spending a ton of time in it. I just accepted a new job – back in the marketing research world – and will be doing home office all the time. I will really miss my current colleagues (like a lot a lot) but am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of the new gig.


Next Up:  New Zealand!!! We will be heading to New Zealand for two weeks and to say I’m excited is an understatement. We have a healthy mix of hiking, kayaking, nerdy Lord of the Rings things, and wine/beer tasting planned so there will be plenty to update you on upon our return. I am also super pumped to be going somewhere that speaks English. Yes, learning phrases in new languages and figuring stuff out while traveling is lovely and what often makes an experience great butttttttt I’m pumped to leave Google translate off for once. #sorrynotsorry


Until then, cheers!

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  1. ediglo1 says:

    Steph, what a life you’re living and the time you’re having. Thanks for taking us on your trips. We love the sharing; and your willingness to take on the burden of tasting the food and drink on our behalf is grace beyond your duty. We are truly grateful for this.

    Hugs and love to you both.

    GrandDad Chet and Lee

    On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:18 AM, themunichexperiment wrote:

    > Stephanie Foutz posted: “Family and friends back home, this post is for > you. We have not had as much time to talk with you guys as much as we would > like so I put together a highlights reel of our lives from the past few > months. I want to catch you up on the gist of things before” >


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