On Comments Re: My Uterus

Dear Family,

I would kindly request that you stop asking me if and when we are going to have children. This applies to when we are in person, on skype, and all social media platforms.

This is a private issue and the only two people who should be discussing this are my husband and I. However, because I continue to get comments and questions on this, I am making it public. Because frankly, I am tired of it.

You don’t know if we have been trying and have been unsuccessful. You don’t know if we have decided that children aren’t right for us. The bottom line is you don’t know our situation.

For us, I am still not 100% in the clear after my pulmonary embolism in April. I still have a clot in my leg and am on blood thinners. Because of these factors, my doctor told me not to get pregnant right now. I will also need to have more scans during this time, which would not be possible if I was with child.

So it’s really hurtful when you remind me how old I am (trust me, I know my age) and imply that my uterus is a barren wasteland. And it makes me sad that you think we are purposefully trying to deny our parents grandchildren.

Therefore, if you don’t mind, can we all agree to let this go back to being something between Jerry and I? My old ovaries and I would really appreciate it.

Love, Steph


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