Giving Thanks

One of my goals for 2017 was to express more gratitude (and to get handstand pushups and a muscle-up — so far, I am 1.5 for 3). As today is Thanksgiving, here are the top 20 things I am giving thanks for this season (in no particular order — except for #1 because he made me do it):

1. My love, Jerry, who clearly married me as penance for whatever horrible thing he did in his past life.

I can’t even.

2. The ladies at the bakery across from my house who know my weekday and weekend order (one involves more doughnuts) without me having to say a single word.

3. Cold and rainy Sundays for allowing me to not move from the couch all day without feeling guilty.

4. Christmas markets for bringing a bit of light to Munich’s otherwise gloomy winter.

IMG_7241 (1)
Favorite time of year for obvious reasons.

5. Glühwein because it makes standing in the blistering cold just a little bit tolerable and a lot a bit delicious.

6. My mom who puts up with me sending her photos of her grandcat on an hourly basis.

7. My dad and stepmom who remind me everyday that I need to be saving more for retirement as they text me from the golf course.

8. RuPaul’s Drag Race for teaching me all the life lessons I never knew I needed like how to sissy that walk, that you can easily fit “con-drag-ulations” into your everyday vernacular, and that if I can’t love myself, how in the hell am I gonna love someone else (can I get an Amen up in here?)

Don’t f*ck it up.

9. My mini-Nespresso machine because 4 shots of espresso is literally the only way I can keep my eyelids open some days.

10. Massive jars of peanut butter and copious amounts of hard-boiled eggs for keeping me from starving to death between lunch and dinner.

11. My partner in suffering, who shows up every morning at 6:30 to work out with me, even though we would both rather be sleeping. or eating. or both at the same time.

12. The mountains outside the city for reminding me that a natural therapy session is only an hour train ride away.

Germany is gorgeous you guys. Come visit.

13. The shampoo that got in my eye this morning because I always wanted to know what it felt like to light my eyeball on fire and now I do.

14. All my German friends who speak English with me because I’m the literal worst.

15. All my friends from home for giving me a never-ending case of FOMO. I miss you everyday.

16. My chubby furball who ensures that I never sleep in on a day off. Ever.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

17. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough all over the S-bahn as they help ensure my immune system is always up-to-date.

18. The Last Podcast on the Left podcast for teaching me all about serial killers and other disturbing things and ultimately making me the weirdo at every dinner party when sharing this knowledge.

19. CrossFit for giving me a body that literally busts holes in all my clothes. #thunderthighs

Bonus: I get a new wardrobe on the reg.

20. Friends who still love me in spite of carrying a liter of water and protein bars in my purse at all times in case a hanger attack happens. And if you consider yourself my friend and was not aware of this, then too late, you’re stuck with me. No take backs.

What are you giving thanks for this year?

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