F*ck It, Just Go.

Warning: If you are offended by curse words, this post is not for you as it’s utterly unfiltered. I have had some really bad insomnia over the past few weeks where I wake up somewhere between 1:30-3am and cannot go back to sleep. Every.single.goddamn.night. I’m not really stressed about anything so I don’t know what…

Finding the Humor

A few days ago was the one year anniversary of my pulmonary embolism – also known as the time when some blood clots tried to take out yours truly (refresh your memory here). The past year was full of adjustments with having to take blood thinners, wearing hip-to-toe compression sleeves, and having bouts of paranoia but…

On Comments Re: My Uterus

Dear Family, I would kindly request that you stop asking me if and when we are going to have children. This applies to when we are in person, on skype, and all social media platforms. This is a private issue and the only two people who should be discussing this are my husband and I….

The (mental) Struggle is Real

It’s been four months since I had my pulmonary embolism (also known as that time some butthole blood clots tried to kill me). If you were to look at me today, you will see a small scar on my face from when I hit the floor of the gym and possibly a glimpse of the nude compression…


It’s Friday and I’m in a mood so I am bringing you the top things I rant about on a constant basis. In the most loving way of course.

Apologies in Advance

We are coming home this weekend for a week and in true Steph and Jerry fashion, we are going to try and fit in as much and as many people as possible. I am already very aware that we will fail to make everyone happy in this, so I just want to apologize in advance…

Inflammation In My Tear Gland

I need to take a break from our regularly scheduled program of sarcasm and humor to be completely open and honest with you – aka the 7 people who actually read this stream of consciousness (hi mom). I am in a really deep pit of homesickness at the moment. There. I said it. Now you know….